The Alliance is 22 years old and has instituted programs to benefit the membership, such as the salt agreement which has saved thousands of dollars for all our municipality members. It also offers a forum where questions can be brought to seek and share answers. From its inception, LCCA has supported and encouraged Commuter Rail, which is now beginning to come into its own, with the backing of communities from Cleveland to Lorain, to Vermilion and the west beyond.

The Lorain County Community Alliance welcomes your deliberations and invites your participation as we work together to solve mutual issues and to turn Northern Ohio into a true Regional cooperative striving to become global.

To download the Membership Application, please click here. The application requires Adobe Acrobat Reader Software.



Nathasha Cresap
Administrative Coordinator
Lorain County Community Alliance

The Lorain County Community Alliance (LCCA) would like to extend an invitation to your company or agency to become a member of one of the most collaborative networking organizations in Lorain County. 

People across the county and state have begun to recognize the need for a body like the LCCA and the benefits it can produce. Only through greater understanding among our governments will we be able to maintain the face of our community as we wish to see it. The choice is ours to maintain the status quo of the present or move ahead collectively and cohesively as a region into an exciting productive future.

Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher has said of the Alliance when he addressed our 8th Annual Summit in October, 2007, “I would like your permission to share this wonderful forum you have here in Lorain County as I go across the state and the country for that matter. I don’t know of anywhere else meetings like this are held, and we need more like them!”